yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay snow.

i got snow today! and jessica's gonna come over tomorrow and we're going to sle~ed! C:


okay. a lot of stuff has happened since i last wrote a long time ago. i'll just start from the farthest back i remember (aka: beginning of semester).

first thing.. court warming. i was trying to find a date for that. the dude i liked, spencer, he totally had another girlfriend AFTER i asked him.

question: why is it that all the guys i've liked freaking get a girlfriend last minute? x___x whyyyyy?

i got creative writing and.. omg. my teacher is the COOLEST. really, she is. she is the shit. she taught us about the origin of words and stuff. i really want to be in her english class... ¬¬

new development about kyle. i won't say too much because i'm online.

well, his spirit creatures are a wolf, cheetah, dragon, and a bull, right? well, he has this... other entity living inside him (i highly suspect it's a demon) and it tries to come out every so often and take control.

dude. it's getting really bad, he says. and danielle, my friend, can account for it.

i had a party a few weeks ago and all my friends from school were there. totally freaking weird. apparently, whatever it is gives him night vision D: and he could see in the dark.

danielle entrusted me to watch over kyle and make sure things don't get out of hand. D:

i feel like i have this big responsibility on me now.

and smirnoff is good. c:

oh, yes, designer, beeyotches!

and i'm going to start fresh here. so, except for a few challenges and stuff, i'm deleting all my friends and everything -- no one really talks to me here anyway -- so friend me and i'll friend you and blah blah blah.
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Do people think I'm stupid?

They don't want me to know something, so they post it on the Internet.

Yeah, real intelligent, guys.

It's happened to me twice, now.

I really am not that dumb.

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Are you feeling fine?
Muda na teikou wa yamete ashita e to mukaou
I said, "Loving you made me happy everyday"
Itsu no ma ni ka nemuri ni togirete kieta egao no mama de



John just asked me out to see Conqueror of Shambala with him.

Unfortunately, it isn't coming out in theatres yet. -_-

WHY? The one time.

Curse you, fate.

Anway. Update. I'm using my brother's computer (don't even ask, I'm so dumb), and so I have the Internet now.

More update.

I have, like, a 3.9 GPA right now. I hate my English teacher (substitute), Ms. Jennings. She gave me an F on ONE ASSIGNMENT and I got a B. THE ONLY CLASS I HAVE A B IN!

Then, Samantha was a bitch to me. Don't even get me started. And it's all 'cause we had a bitch fight during the summer because I wouldn't put up with her shit anymore and now she's all "hurt" or whatever. I'm sorry, I'm just the biggest bitch you've ever seen when I get pissed off.


Smoked my first cigarette yesterday. It was okay, I guess. I don't feel any different, so, whatever.

Let me see...

I don't know if me and John are going to homecoming. I'll probably just go by myself again. And I would ask him if he wanted to go to the movies with me or whatever, kinda like a date, but, I dunno. He and his buds were playing AirSoft yesterday over at Geoff's house and I don't want to call him when a bunch of his friends are over at his house. That'd be embarrassing.

Anyway, just worrying about college again. -_- I hate worrying about college.

Went to parent/teacher conferences last night. It was interesting.


Madrid y el costa del sol.

And there's this awesome girl in my Drawing I class, her name is Jessica (lovingly renamed Jess-Jess) and I <3 her so much. She is so awesome. <33333333 I had her over the other day to play DDR with me and it was awesome. She likes anime/manga/yaoi and we're currently RPin' Sukisho. Love that series. xD She is so awesome. She moved here from South Carolina with her father and she live in the subdivision right next to ours!

It's awesome.

She is so awesome.

KO is awesome, too. He's the new Chinese foreign exchange student. Freakin' sweet artist, too.

Got all the songs off of my iPod, so they're all safe. :3

Anyway, then, that's really it. ^w^

Thank you for your time. <333333 Love you all. <333333
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What is wrong with me?

Why me?


I have a cold (which I hadly ever get), and John isn't back from California yet. ;;n;;


And the first school dance is September 8th.

The good news:


And I MAY be going to Australia/New Zealand/all that jazz. (-hinthint Mooh-chan and my stalker hinthint-).

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Okay..News.. News..

New kid at our school. Her name's Jessyka and she's AWESOME. She's my lover, so, back off. We like, almost, exactly the same things. :3

So, Saturday, I went to the mall with my friends, we went and saw The Pulse and I got freaked out a couple of times but it really wasn't too great, so don't see it if you're not easily scared.

Then me, Jessyka, and Jeremy played DDR in the arcade. It was AWESOME. Not to brag or anything, but, I did the best. :3

Okay, so maybe I'm bragging. ^^;;;

Anyway, so then we went down to this gay club that I thought was going to be awesome (Danielle told me it was awesome and wall-to-wall people), well, no one really was there, so it wasn't TOO rocking. I DID dance, however, and it was awesome. I danced with Tim and Jeremy and some random guy (I guess his name was Joe [he couldn't dance with Jeremy 'cause his boyfriend was somewhere]). Anyway, it was pretty cool, but not everything I'd hoped for.

Never been clubbing before, so it was pretty neat.

Free soda! =^w^=
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I want a pet rat! -dances-

I hope Mom will get me one. :3333

I'm gonna get guitar lessons! -dances-

I feel good today.


PS: I can ALMOST play Anti-Nostalgic.

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